Add a just wow! touch to your Mason jar creations.


Helping you share the love.

You know that giddy feeling you get while you’re making a gift for someone special? How about those warm-fuzzies while you’re wrapping it … and thinking about them seeing (and loving!) your gift? Isn’t that just the best! Well, those very feelings have inspired us to create
Just Wow! Kits. We’re here to help you share the love, by adding just wow! touches to your awesome creations.

What’s New

Random Jars of Kindness™ kits

Our Random Jars of KindnessTM [Brownie Mix] kit makes it easy for your group to come together to have a good time — while creating a set of 12 brownie gift jars to share with others.

It’s fun. It’s easy. And each thoughtful and well-crafted gift is guaranteed to make a Just Wow! impression.


Exclusive Mason Jar Carriers

12ct. Mason Jar Carrier. Built-in Handle.

Stylish, sturdy and thoughtfully designed to showcase your Mason jar creations. Smooth kraft corrugated cardboard. Simply pop open a carrier and put your quart jar in place. Ready for your own decorations. Carry with confidence … and make a just wow! impression.

Available exclusively through our Etsy shop, JustWowCreations.


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